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Key issues to consider

When your roof system is either not maintained or a candidate for restoration, a re-roof or full tear-off is in order. As with any roof system, there are many concerns that must be addressed to ensure you get a high-quality roof that will meet its expected design life. Some key issues to take into consideration are material compatibility, desired R-Value or insulation, positive drainage, wind uplift, code compliance, upfront vs life cycle cost, and potential business disruption.

The BeneFITS


We only work with the top manufacturers to design and install code compliant roofing systems and ensure this work is completed with quality materials.


Range is certified in and adheres to OSHA 10 guidelines. Safety truly is our focus, as we have not had a recordable event since the inception of our company.

experienced with claims

We work with clients nationwide to restore storm-related damage to roofing systems and do not complete jobs until they have been returned to mint condition.

RE-Roof vs full tear off

When it’s time for a new roof, your options are to re-roof over the one you have or tear the old one off and start from scratch. Choosing the right strategy will save you money and make sure that the roof you get matches your needs. Overlays are a great option, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible.

You can help expedite the decision-making process by gathering as much information as you can before making the first call, but it’s also a big decision that you should make only after carefully considering your options with the help of an experienced contractor.‍

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