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Know what is at risk

Your roofing system is made up of of several components that work together to keep your building dry. Your roof system may include things like roof decking, insulation, underlayment, membrane, shingles, tile, ventilation, gutters, downspouts, pipe flashing, nails, and fasteners.

Over time, parts of your commercial roofing system may experience decay due to heat from the sun, severe weather exposure, foot traffic, or insufficient installation. Essentially, your roof is constantly at risk.

We take a proactive approach

Just like changing the oil in your car, commercial roof maintenance helps extend the life of your roof and save money by helping to avoid roof leaks that could cause bigger and more expensive issues in the future.



We have built processes and procedures to proactively reduce our callback rate. Although zero callbacks may be unrealistic, it's what we strive for.


Our maintenance service has been designed to avoid premature replacement in order to meet (and often times exceed) the manufacturer's warranty.


Proactive maintenance will help you get ahead of major issues, realize the expected usable service life of your roof system, and avoid costly tear-offs.

Maintenance Matters

You can trust us with your roof maintenance needs. With a Range Commercial Roofing maintenance program, know that you’re receiving top quality service for your roof system and that our expert-led inspections will make sure that your needs are documented and addressed.

Range is here to educate you, and we want to help you understand the condition of your roof so that we can work together to make the best decisions for your commercial roof.

Protect your investment and ensure the safety of your roof and overall building by working with Range for your maintenance needs.

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