Fluid-Applied Restoration

RESTORATION with range

Superior protection

During this type of restoration, the existing surface is coated with a liquid-applied silicone roofing system. These coatings provide superior weather protection without having to penetrate the existing roof surface with thousands of fasteners. Silicone Coatings are UV Stable and last indefinitely. They are also energy-efficient, as they reflect over 98% of the sun’s energy.

Long-term warranty

Range Roofing has close relationships with some of the industry’s best coating manufacturers and fluid-applied products. Most of these products include a ten-year system warranty that covers labor and materials. Also, many of these warranties are easily extended or renewed with an additional coating application at the time of expiration.



On average, fluid-applied restoration is less than 50% of the cost of a traditional re-roof, and you can still get the same quality as a warranty associated with tear-off replacement.


This typically decreases energy costs due to the UV reflectivity, which reduces thermal transmission throughout the system and eliminates material going to the landfill.


Fluid-applied restoration does not disrupt tenants and offers a much shorter project timeline compared to tear-off, which is typically takes four times the amount of time.

Commercial restoration done right

Depending on the age of your building, there will come a time when routine repairs and maintenance will no longer suffice. In many cases, performing a complete roof replacement is highly cost-prohibitive. When this is the case, we typically recommend a restoration and coating program.

A roof restoration and coating system from Range Commercial Roofing is a cost-effective option for maintaining and extending the life of your roof system. Coating systems can also provide significant savings on both energy costs and potential tax benefits.

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