Roof Asset Management


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The roof system is not just an integral part of your building, it’s an investment — and a costly one at that. Roof asset management is how Range helps clients both maximize and maintain their investments. Repairing a leak is one example of roof asset management, but there’s much more to it than that. There are several key areas of commercial roof asset management that you as a building owner need to understand: roof inventory, record keeping, budget planning, storm alerts, and preventive maintenance.

Technology-driven oversight

Our asset management software system offers facilities managers a powerful tool to plan, budget, manage. and optimize their roofing portfolio.

The BEnefits


Our customized client portal provides access to all roof data organized by property. Additionally, there is robust reporting that ensures our clients have all of the information they need.


We help clients develop up to ten-year roof budgets in order to spread the cost and plan effectively for both maintenance and capital projects.


Range proactively alerts clients regarding storm data and potential damage. Also, our dedicated inspection staff has extensive experience in scoping and preparing budgets for the largest property owners in the U.S.

creating actionable insights

This is the ideal program for customers who want the most in-depth knowledge of their roof’s current condition and the overall expected service life of your roof. The end result is objective data and details on your roof, giving clear direction for budgeting both capital and operating roof-related expenses.

With Range's Asset Management service, you receive invaluable information that you can use to make the best decisions for your building and your business.

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